Industry 4.0, a hype, a revolution or an evolution?
What are the drivers and how do you kickstart the Industry 4.0 (r)evolution in your company?

The answers to these questions can be found on the Productie Proces Automatisering event, on tuesday 6 February in Nijkerk. (from 9.30 till 17.00h)

This event offers a ton of useful information and experience. During the day you'll be able to attend different lectures, including those of our Industry 4.0 specialist Stijn Van Uytfanghe. 

In short, the ideal opportunity to check your strategic decisions with the right people.

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Don't forget to register for our lecture 'Industrie 4.0: van idee tot realisatie' at 11.30h.
Afterwards you are most welcome at our stand if you have any questions.