In Deurne, near Antwerp, Aquafin manages a unique plant, which is manned 24/7. Other than the biogas installation, a waste water treatment plant and a sludge dryer can be found on the extensive site, creating a unique set-up in Flanders.

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Reditech and its partner iOnLogistics designed a 'Smart Terminal' for our customer Vlaeynatie. The brand-new terminal was designed from scratch with Reditech, and specialises in the distribution of synthetic fertilizer. It features high-end WMS and MES systems.

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Mercedes-Benz was already present on the Brazilian market, but had to import all passenger-cars because they lacked a local production plant. They decided to build a new plant in Iracemápolis, near Sao Paulo. Reditech was hired as a subcontractor for the programming of 2 phases of the production process.

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In Flanders, Aquafin manages over 230 water treatment plants. Most of those plants are running on outdated soft- and hardware of nearly 15 years old. After this period, most of the hardware, such als plc's, are end-of-life and will no longer be supported.

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Johan Michielsen, Projectmanager Asset Management, Aquafin

For the replacement of both PLC and SCADA software Reditech is a trustworthy partner. The engineers are all highly experienced and they tend to convert problems into challenges. Thanks to their flexible approach the deadlines are always met. And because of Reditech’s open communication we are able to efficiently track the status of all of our projects.

In order to achieve a faultless and accurate order picking at the pharmaceutical wholesaler Febelco, the scanners need to read barcodes within a fraction of a second. Reditech was given the task to optimise the scanning system and the order picking process. 

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Bruno Mortier, Supply Chain Director, Febelco

“Reditech provided the optimisation of our roller conveyors, and is now our partner in introducing scanning to our warehouses. Their professional and agile project approach, flexibility, open communication and enthusiasm are the ingredients of a fantastic collaboration. We are looking forward to working together in the future: the sky is the limit!”

In 2003 LAN Handling Systems first called on Reditech’s services. The Dutch company specialises in handling systems for the food- and pharmaceutical industry and needed experienced programmers on a very short notice. Those programmers could not be found on the domestic labour market nor at any Dutch players.

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Peter Mermans, Manager Engineering, LAN Handling Systems

Reditech’s engineers do more than just making ‘the code work’, they think along with our employees and offer solutions. Moreover, Reditech is able to deploy enough people in time in a short timeframe, which is rare in the field of engineering.

Study, build and support of the automation for a new waste-to-energy installation ordered by Indaver.  

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Toon Verschroeven, Project Manager Indaver Meath

“With a project of this size the integration of the hardware and standards from different suppliers is the biggest challenge. Reditech has delivered nothing but qualitative and professional work, both during the preparations and the execution. They were flexible when other parties caused delays and we were always able to look for solutions in mutual confidence.”

Thomas De Kelver, System Engineering & Service Manager, Yokogawa Belgium

Working with talented and motivated people is a key element for successful project execution. As a supplier of qualified engineering staff, Reditech Engineering continues to be a professional and reliable key vendor for Yokogawa Belgium.

Tom Loix, Project Engineer/Manager Power Quality, Vanparijs Engineers

As a part of our projects on cogeneration systems, Vanparijs Engineers has been working with Reditech for many years. Besides the automation and the controls for the installations, Reditech has also carried out the remote monitoring and alarms for our installations with service contracts.
Reditech provides services and hardware in a very professional way, reacts quickly in the event of a problem or defect and actively participates in the development of innovations and upgrades.