Consultancy in industrial automation

In order to live up to your entrepreneurial ambitions and to secure your competitive position, you are looking for permanent automation solutions. They need to organise your production machinery more efficiently and generate relevant data which would allow you to work more performable and to be less dependable of the knowhow of some of your key collaborators. 

We advise you with:

  • Defining the scope of an automation project.
  • Lack of data concerning the traceability and the efficiency of your processes. 
  • A sudden growth that your production machines can't cope with anymore.
  • Critical software problems which impede your production.
  • Lack of knowhow concerning machine safety or standardizations.

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Specialized advice for more insight and control over your production processes.

As an independent partner we would like to help you with dealing with relevant optimalizations from the coupling to your ERP system up to and including the electrical engineering. 

Irrespective of the sector in which you're operative, our experienced engineers will describe your challenges in enormous detail, work out solutions and prepare the implementation.

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Our expertise

  • Electrical engineering and Factory IT
  • Automation solutions
    • PLC programming
    • DCS 
  • Operations management solutions (MES)

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Johan Michielsen, Projectmanager Asset Management, Aquafin

For the replacement of both PLC and SCADA software Reditech is a trustworthy partner. The engineers are all highly experienced and they tend to convert problems into challenges. Thanks to their flexible approach the deadlines are always met. And because of Reditech’s open communication we are able to efficiently track the status of all of our projects.

Joel Verhaegen, Febelco

 “During the construction of the system it seemed evident to let the computer make the decisions for the sorting of the bins”, says Joel Verhaegen, head of production techniques at Febelco. "But that was clearly a wrong decision. When a lot of bins were scanned simultaneously in different sectors, the computer could not keep up."

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Are you doubting the efficiency of your automation processes?

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