Staffing engineering departments for short-term or long-term projects

  • When starting up or successfully completing an automation project your internal collaborators need additional expertise.
  • Due to the volatile market or the increased pressure of work you're in need of experts who quickly understand the automation processes and can immediately get to work.

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Quickly available to take your specific challenges head-on 

Since 1995 we've been active as brand-independent automating experts in various sectors. It is highly likely that our engineers meanwhile have come up with solutions using systems which are also applicable in your production machinery. This enables them to quickly come up with solutions and to take your specific challenges head-on. 

We employ a mixture of junior and senior engineers who are available individually or in team, depending on your type of challenge. In order to come up with the best solution and to make sure that you're able to work autonomously after our departure they work closely together with your internal collaborators.

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Our expertise

  • Electrical engineering and Factory IT
  • Automation solutions
    • PLC programming
    • DCS 
  • Operations management solutions (MES)

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Johan Michielsen, Projectmanager Asset Management, Aquafin

For the replacement of both PLC and SCADA software Reditech is a trustworthy partner. The engineers are all highly experienced and they tend to convert problems into challenges. Thanks to their flexible approach the deadlines are always met. And because of Reditech’s open communication we are able to efficiently track the status of all of our projects.

Bruno Mortier, Supply Chain Director, Febelco

“Reditech provided the optimisation of our roller conveyors, and is now our partner in introducing scanning to our warehouses. Their professional and agile project approach, flexibility, open communication and enthusiasm are the ingredients of a fantastic collaboration. We are looking forward to working together in the future: the sky is the limit!”

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Temporarily looking for specialized personnel to set up your automation projects?

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