4 good reasons to want a job at Reditech

  1. You want to work in a place where you can learn everyday

  2. You want possibilities to make a career

  3. You want to acquire knowledge and experience in different sectors 

  4. You want to work in a company where everybody is immediately approachable

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Bram, Projectmanager

“It’s especially the variation that is so appealing about my job. Because of the wide range of duties, it becomes challenging and vivid. Unfortunately the amount of work can create bottlenecks. Luckily I can always fall back on the Reditech-team. A group of young people, (almost) all with the same background, working as a well-oiled team. I try to be as flexible within Reditech as Reditech is towards its customers. “

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Maarten, Accountmanager

“There is a lot to like in my job. I fully support Reditech for 100%. That’s why I will always praise and defend our projects with passion. I find it very fascinating to think along with customers about their needs and the solutions that we are able to offer them.”

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Sander, Automation engineer

“The best part about my job is that I can see the project come to life and enjoy the result of my work. At Reditech you are always addressed as a person and you are able to approach everyone as a person, without taking the hierarchy into account. It’s always nice to know what your colleagues are up to. Although, when working in a consultancy-based sector, it might be difficult to keep in touch. Luckily, this is more than compensated for thanks to a variety of team activities. ”

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Wouter, Automation engineer (software developer)

I like getting complex challenges and subsequently giving them structure. And I get the chance at Reditech to do this every day. Although this is a desk job, there is plenty of opportunity for social contact. 

When I started at Reditech, I considered myself a bit clumsy. I had never heard of a PLC, SCADA or MES. In my first year I was given the opportunity to learn a lot and I have a multiple potential growth opportunities within Reditech.

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