As a consumer on the internet you are being flooded with companies asking you to follow or to like them, to share this and that or to subscribe to their newsletter.  And when they persevere in posting messages on social media once in a while, they are rarely interesting or too commercial/informal.

That's why we will be taking a different approach!
So, why shoud you follow Reditech than?

  • We segment our messages so that you will only receive useful information.
  • Where possible we are posting our messages in different languages, making everything easier to read. 
  • Our coverage is consistent, you will never receive too many posts.
  • You can choose for yourself which information you want to receive. People who like us on Facebook will not get the same messages as our followers on LinkedIn for example.
  • Via these channels you will be able to remain up to date and hear the latest news, upcomming events, new whitepapers, etc.

Where can you find us on the world wide web?

Updates about teambuilding events, photo shoots, internal news and fun facts can be found on our Facebook page. Our LinkedIn followers will receive 1 business related update every week.
'Tweeting tweeps' are welcome to follow us on Twitter.
Lost our adres and contact details? Google to the rescue!
Expect local updates on Reditech's Google + pages from Belgiumthe Netherlands, the UKBrazil &Singapore