Automation in Energy & Environment, on production or user's side

The generation of energy from alternative sources and managing the energy consumption are hot topics today. 

Reditech engineering has acquired a lot of knowledge and experience over the years, both with manufacturers and consumers.

Operating systems for ‘waste to energy’ installations, biomass installations and installations for cogeneration and ready-made solutions for the connection to:

  • the network
  • the installations for productions
  • the systems for building management

Energy efficiency 

  • Keeping control of your energy consumption starts with a measuring of your production processes, with regard to the machinery as well as to the plant. 
  • Connection to energy meters, irrespective of the brand.  
  • Central management of your data.
  • Reporting in a form of your choice.

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Renewing Aquafin's biogas plant

In Deurne, near Antwerp, Aquafin manages a unique plant, which is manned 24/7. Other than the biogas installation, a waste water treatment plant and a sludge dryer can be found on the extensive site, creating a unique set-up in Flanders.

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Reditech designs Vlaeynatie's 'Smart Terminal'

Reditech and its partner iOnLogistics designed a 'Smart Terminal' for our customer Vlaeynatie. The brand-new terminal was designed from scratch with Reditech, and specialises in the distribution of synthetic fertilizer. It features high-end WMS and MES systems.

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Johan Michielsen, Projectmanager Asset Management, Aquafin

For the replacement of both PLC and SCADA software Reditech is a trustworthy partner. The engineers are all highly experienced and they tend to convert problems into challenges. Thanks to their flexible approach the deadlines are always met. And because of Reditech’s open communication we are able to efficiently track the status of all of our projects.

Bruno Mortier, Supply Chain Director, Febelco

“Reditech provided the optimisation of our roller conveyors, and is now our partner in introducing scanning to our warehouses. Their professional and agile project approach, flexibility, open communication and enthusiasm are the ingredients of a fantastic collaboration. We are looking forward to working together in the future: the sky is the limit!”

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